Golden Touch - Aligning With the Essence of You

Lisa Mills is a qualified Creative Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher and healer. She has over 30 years’ experience in the personal growth and development field. Lisa is passionate about supporting others to come to peace with themselves, so they can enjoy healthy, loving relationships and a fulfilling life. She brings a depth of heart and spirit to her practice; care and compassion are her trademarks.

Lisa runs a Golden Touch Healing private practice, teaches yoga in the community, and facilitates personal & spiritual growth courses. She is deeply committed to the well-being and transformation of the individual; for when we experience peace within, we in turn create a peaceful world.

Our outer world reflects our inner world.” Sri Bhagavan

Creating Healthy Relationships

Relationships are the foundations of our lives; both the relationship we have with our self, and with others. If you are struggling to love and accept yourself wholeheartedly or experience conflict in your personal, family or work life then Lisa has the skills and tools to transform and heal your inner and outer relationships.  Find Out More

Aligning with the Essence of You

Even when we seem to have everything we need in the outer world, we can still experience a lack of fulfilment and satisfaction. It seems the new gadgets, experiences or relationships only fufill us for so long, then we are yearning for the next buzz or 'feel good' thing. This is a signpost to say, 'there is more'. And this 'more' is a deeper calling to connect with our inner essence, which is a well-spring of residing happiness, peace and contentment...regardless of our outer circumstances. If this feels like you, then read here to find out more

Reiki Healing 

‘Reiki’ is a universal energy which accelerates your natural capacity to heal on all levels of your being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Receiving Reiki is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. Whether you have a chronic or acute health issue, Reiki will serve your recovery process. If you are in need of deep relaxation and recuperation, then a Reiki treatment would indeed be the 'treat' you are looking for. Book Now


Yoga is a well-known practice in the west, and one that offers great benefits on many levels. Lisa’s approach to yoga includes teaching sound alignment techniques and directing the breath and heart (self-kindness) to be at the core of your practice.

You are never too stiff, or old, to enjoy yoga! Lisa runs classes in the community and one-on-one tuition. Classes are suitable for beginners and those with experience. Find out More

Lisa has therapeutic experience in the following fields:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Fears 
  • Obsessions/compulsions
  • Pregnancy- both with women and their partners
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief Counselling - through loss of a loved one, or ending of a relationship
  • Low self-esteem
  • Isolation and loneliness

Lisa offers unique and practical tools to facilitate your healing and growth, so that you may thrive in your life. Whether it be through creative therapy options, receiving Reiki or attending a yoga class Lisa works in a clear, compassionate and caring way.

Contact Lisa to find out how she can support you. Phone 974 3204 or 027 814 0785 or submit form below: