2019 Classes 

Hoon Hay Community Centre

90 Hoon Hay Rd

Tuesdays 5.30-6.45pm

Term I 12 Feb - 9 April

Term II 30 April - 2 July

$125/10 classes, $15 Casual

My preference is for folk to commit to attending the full term. This will allow you to progress in your practice and integrate the gains that are made each week. If this is not possible, you are welcome to join class on a casual basis.
Phone me on 027 814 0785 or 974 3204 to register
or email

Weekly Yoga Classes in Hillmorton Hospital

Please note this if for CDHB Staff Only 

Thursdays 4.45 - 6.00pm

Term II 30 April - 2 July

$125/10 classes, $15 casual 

Hillmorton Hospital Site
Contact Lisa to attend these classes

Beginners and those with experience welcome

We can modify the yoga postures to suit your needs. Whether you are new to yoga, or have an injury, yoga is a safe and healing practice for you to enjoy. For those with experience, you will have the option to deepen your yoga practice. 

You do not have to be flexible and its never too late to start yoga!
My approach to teaching...

I began practicing yoga over 35 years ago, and became a yoga teacher in 2010 (qualification through NZ IYTA 2 year study programme). Yoga has carried me through many cycles of life and its timeless wisdom and science can benefit all, at any stage of life.

I began my yoga journey through the Iyengar tradition. This was an approach that involved great alignment cues and postural accuracy. Over the years (and as I have gotten older!) I have been drawn to practicing yoga through the heart and breath, and allowing the importance of the 'outer form' to ease up. This has led me to study with Katie Lane (Grass Roots yoga studio) and Anna De Zeuw (Pure Yoga) - both inspired, heart-centred women.

I teach yoga with the breath and self-kindness as the foundation of the practice, and encourage students to listen to the wisdom of their bodies. Therefore, yes, I do bring in alignment awareness AND we explore softening, allowing and enjoying the yoga postures too. 

When breath is informing the posture we develop greater flow, ease, strength, flexibility and presence. And we also gain deeper receptivity through the receiving of the inhale, and grounded-ness through the engagement of the exhale.

Yoga becomes more pleasurable and satisfying!

As we approach these winter months, yoga will serve the well-being of your body and immune system. Yoga also brings greater peace of mind and heart, enabling us to become more resilient, flexible and capable of being with life's challenges as they come our way

You are most welcome to join our lovely community of yoga students at the Hoon Hay Community Centre (or Hillmorton Hospital site), and be supported to take care of your body and spirit during these upcoming winter months

"I am very fortunate to have Lisa as a yoga teacher - she is so "in tune" with what our bodies need and can benefit from.  Her clear and guided instructions for the poses, meditation and relaxation exercises are very encouraging, and her feedback is always positive. Lisa has such a calming and caring nature which is infectious and for this and all the above reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending her to others." HJH, Christchurch

"Lisa teaches with an open heart that allows everyone in the room to relax and breath. I have been using the breathing techniques I have learnt from yoga to help me deal with stressful situations both at work and home." Florentine Cossar

"Keep up the great teaching Lisa. You make the classes interesting as well as informative and I feel what you teach us really helps with valuable life-skills and well-bing". Anon

“I enjoy Lisa’s yoga classes because she’s well organised, offers variety and talks us through poses in a way that makes things safely doable.” S. Smith

"(I have gained) much better understanding of alignment - almost like a 1:1, so much individual attention," H.L.

'After a friendly welcome, Lisa guides her students through Yoga 
practise with warmth, sensitivity, encouragement, and humour. One is 
left feeling contented, relaxed, and invigorated. After only 4 sessi
I felt stronger, more flexible and centred.' 
Peter Oliver

Four Season Yoga Courses 

Lisa and Breeze are Having a pause until Spring 2019 

Past Participants...

“Very lovely combination of asana (postures), philosophy and breath work. Very relaxing and rejuvenating.” Anon
“Breeze and Lisa are gems and an awesome team” Jo Carter
I thought the workshop was all lovely and well-structured.” K.G
It is obvious you believe in your work/life practices. Both Breeze and Lisa have fabulous individuality they bring to the workshop” Dell Beckman

About Lisa and Breeze...
Lisa Mills and Breeze Robertson have co-facilitated Four Season Yoga workshops since 2013. They bring a significant array of tools and experience to take the student beyond yoga postures to a fuller experience of the ancient science and wisdom of Yoga. As teachers they bring warmth and compassion, keeping their workshops enjoyable and accessible to support rejuvenation and growth.

"It was a great workshop...Interestingly, I could breathe completely clearly in both nostrils for about an hour after the session, despite being really congested all the way through and unable to do a lot of the nostril breathing! I'm looking forward to trying it all again when I'm not quite so blocked up!". Kathryn, Christchurch

"Very useful tools for everyday living". S.B, Christchurch

"(This workshop is) affordable, yummy, self-nurturing, self-care, something to do for oneself. You both are lovely radiant light beings". K.G, Wainui Bay

"I do recommend these workshops, I'm so pleased thery are frequent enough so I can remember each workshop and all the valuable information". Geraldine, Darfield

"Breeze and Lisa you are 'gems' and an awesome team". Jo Carter, Christchurch

"I gained a sense of peace and valued the time and energy of both Breeze and Lisa". Fiona Congreve, Christchurc

2019 Autumnal Reflections - Yoga and Art Day

Ways of Wellness (WOW) Workshop Series

With Lisa Mills and Kathy Guidi

Date TBC

Wainui Bay, Banks Peninsula

Includes organic vegetarian lunch

As autumn beckons us, take time to reflect and harvest all that you have received through the past summer months. 

With aoga day to invigorate your body, and a Movement and Art day to awaken your creativity and senses. 

About Lisa and Kathy...
Lisa & Kathy have been co-creating workshops since 2015.  Under the umbrella of wellness, they seek to nourish & nurture women by providing day-long and multi-day workshops utilising creative modalities where yoga, dance, art, meditation, mantra, and delicious vegetarian food are featured.

Bookings essential.
Contact Kathy, or phone 021 202 2954

“The Art Workshop was cathartic, uplifting, and releasing = freedom. I love Lisa’s teaching style – she presents an informative approach with a well-paced, light-hearted manner while retaining the sacred space of yoga & meditation for those participating.   Kathy’s dedication to “food is your medicine” is apparent in the quality of the food from your property and the love and time you put into creating a healthy balanced menu for workshop participants.   Your herbal/food/fermentation knowledge is paramount for health & well-being.”  Margy, Akaroa

 “Both the art & yoga workshops were great. I am over 60 years old now and have been ‘working’ on myself for 30+ years. The workshops have been a useful contribution to that work.” – Sara, Akaroa

 “It runs like a well-oiled machine and is a beautiful way to spend time. Long may they continue.”  – Dell, Christchurch