Aligning With The Essence of You

Does this sound like you?

  • Feeling isolated

  • A constant sense of emptiness

  • The nagging thought that there must be more

  • Wondering what it is all about

Replace these with feelings of connection, purpose and abundant fullness by connecting to your inner presence/Source

All human beings carry the same basic need, to give and receive love. We can culture this in our personal relationships, yet the 'other' cannot provide us with a deeper peace, love, stillness and trust that is naturally inherant within us all.  

In the western world we are so fortunate to have our basic needs met e.g.: food, clothing, housing and warmth. Because of this, we have the opportunity to explore our deeper needs, which is to access a consistent source of love and peace. What has been revealed through the ages, is humanities innate need to feel connected to something far greater than their limited experience of life.

This ‘far greater’ energy could be called the Source, Divine Intelligence, Higher Self, All That Is, Great Mystery, Spirit, The Creator, God, Divinity or Unlimited Field of Consciousness. It does not matter what we call this, however it is critical that we connect with this energy within. 

We are in a new era where the divine is reaching out to all of humanity to serve our growth so that we may live with joy, ease and connectedness. You will discover ways to unite with this unlimited, all loving energy in a very grounded and applicable way.

Your relationship with the divine is outside the bounds of any religion or belief system - so if you already have a path, spiritual teacher or are new to this whole spiritual frontier - Lisa can hold the space for you to experience and deepen into YOUR unique experience of the Divine.

"The dawn of a new civilization, which we might call an Age of Oneness, is the single most explosive fact of our lifetimes. We have a destiny to create - a state of consciousness, that is, Oneness with All That Is."

Sri Bhagavan, Founder of the Golden Age Movement, India

  • Break down any myths or misperceptions of the ‘Source’, and create a new clean perspective and relationship with the divine
  • Begin a life-long journey of both cultivating and depending on the Source
  • Feel complete and whole, as the divine presence grows within you. This energy will permeate all aspects of your life bringing fulfilment in relationships, your line of work, your health and well-being
  • Be taught the unique 'Connecting-With-Your-Divine 5 Step Process'

Your connection with the Source is the

most valuable relationship you can foster

(I am) allowing self to feel and ask for help from my source for inner strength instead of a) squashing feelings or b) reacting irrationally”. Yvette

'Your connection to spirit and your strong faith in divinity, enabled me to navigate through a very difficult and uncomfortable time in my own personal journey.' J Allen, Landscape Designer

"I have found (Lisa's) insights & advice to be both very perceptive & very wise. Her style is also very creative and holistic, using many different mediums to achieve the desired results. I particularly appreciate her spiritual approach to therapy as this very much speaks to me, & has helped me along my journey of personal growth. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to anyone. Deciding to work with her was the best decision I ever made." Andrea