Conscious Pregnancy

Pregnancy – how you can prepare yourself to create a healthy, loving environment for your new born

Pregnancy can be a highlight in a woman’s life; one where she becomes a precious vessel for bringing a new being into this world.  And it can also be a challenging and personally confronting time too. Questions may also be asked….

How can I be the best mother to my child?
Do I feel emotionally ready to be a mother, or to have more children?
Am I struggling within myself in any areas of my life, which could impact my child?

Motherhood is not about perfection but developing your unique role as a mother, and to trust your instincts along the way. There are many reference books you can explore around parenting, whilst Lisa has the skills and knowledge to assist you during your pregnancy. She can illuminate ways to develop a greater bond with your baby in utero, and how to offer the best ‘arrival experience’ for your new baby.

Did you know....

Your baby in utero can fully sense, feel and hear you?
So whatever your emotional state is, your baby feels this. Lisa offers tools to assist you in fostering peaceful resilience on a day to day basis and to also process feelings or emotions that may arise during your pregnancy.

Baby in utero is already forming impressions and decisions about life, before they are even born?
As a ‘consciousness’ they are highly perceptive. They form decisions based on their experience in the womb. The more a mother, and her partner, connect with their baby prior to giving birth the more the baby will feel secure, loved, safe and wanted in their life.

Birthing your baby is a team process?
Birthing is unique to every mother and child. No matter how your baby is born (natural vaginal birth, assisted birth or via cesarean) you are still birthing your baby.  Between you and your baby, a way will reveal itself. Building trust pre-birth creates closeness, love and a deeper bond. Lisa offers 'doorways' to assist you to create this deeper bond in preparation for childbirth. 

The first 6 hours are critical post birth?
The baby has only experienced oneness for their entire gestating period; after they are born they experience their first taste of ‘separation’. As parents, you can soften this experience for them. Lisa will share beautiful heart-centred techniques so you can best welcome and care for your new-born to give them the best start in life. This start to life can lead to a child feeling safe, secure, confident and loved in their growing world.

The more you bond with your baby pre-birth, the closer you will feel when they arrive. Lisa creates a safe space for you to navigate your way through any issues that may arise during this potent time, plus deepen your relationship with your precious and treasured baby.

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