Golden Touch - Health and Well-being

Having good health and well-being takes a multi-layered approach

You can heal your body through treating physical symptoms by seeing an holistic practitioner or doctor; and you can review how you take care of your body through nutrition, diet and physical activity.

And you can also approach your health and any disease or disharmony in the body, by working with your psychological and emotional ways of being.

Science is quickly catching up with the understanding that unexpressed emotions or feelings become ‘stuck’ in the body; which can in turn lead to disease or ill-health.

By finding healthy ways to process and express your feelings, your body responds positively:

  • Discover how to love and accept your body and any health issues you may be experiencing
  • Learn a 'Golden Touch Being With The What Is' 4 Step Process which frees up feelings, which can lead to improved health
  • Compliment any self-care regime you are undergoing with the nurturing support of emotional and psychological self-care and processing
  • You will be offered the option of receiving Reiki or Spiritual Meditation techniques which will deeply settle and relax the body. When tension is released from the body, the body’s natural capacity to heal increases

"Lisa manages to assist in calming my mind and body with much compassion and understanding.  That allows me to come back into my body and mind, clearing blockages and opening my thinking.  I really enjoyed the individual sessions with Lisa working on a mental, emotional, and physical level, finishing with a beautiful oneness blessing. It "lightens the load" for me and allows me to be open to give and receive so many more beneficial experiences in my life." HJH