Golden Touch - Healthier Relationships

Are you constantly irritated? Find yourself blaming the other? Is your relationship a source of conflict or pain?

So often we are swept away by how the other is treating us; whether it is the boss, work colleague, partner, parent, friend or child.

You can feel helpless when you end up in conflict with another and don’t know how to communicate differently. Or whether you start up a new relationship and meet the same issues you had in your past relationship.

The most important relationship which has an enduring effect throughout your life is with your parents, or significant care-givers. If you have hurts or resentments with your parent or care-giver from your childhood years, your ability to love another is affected whether it is with your partner, friend, work colleague or child.

By coming into ‘right relationship’ with your parents all other relationships will benefit and prosper.

  • Recognise patterns in your life that have kept intimate relationships at arm’s length, or non-existent
  • Learn that the root of the problem is not with the 'other' with but within yourself
  • Discover ways to heal hurts in the moment, which will allow you to stay open with the other
  • You will be taught a 'Golden Touch 4 Step Healing Relationships Process'

“She has the ability to cut through all the stories, getting to the core and from there the healing and growth can begin.”  Kathryn. R.N.

"From the onset of seeing Lisa one on one I have felt assured, listened to, and gently supported.  She offers new perspectives which help me to find different ways of looking at and dealing with things that I haven’t thought of. Lisa has a kind and quiet way about her. I have grown and (am) moving through past fears. I thoroughly recommend Lisa to anyone needing to talk over or confront head on issues current or in the past." BRC, Reflexologist

Relationship Course - Creating Happy, Fulfilling Relationships

Date TBC, Christchurch
1 - 5pm, $50 

  • Discover 5 qualities necessary for personal growth & healthy relationships
  • Learn a simple & profound technique which enables you to 'be with what is' with greater awareness & ease
  • Experience a process which clears the unconsious mind; for the unconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind & is capable of undermining relationships through past 'programming'

This course is co-facilitated by Lisa Mills and Devi Benson. Between them they have over 60 years teaching experience in the field of personal and spiritual growth. They bring a wealth of inspiration, enthusiasm and presence to their courses. Enquire now to express your interest in this course.