There are many forms of meditation in the market place, and sometimes it is difficult to know what will work for you, especially when the busy mind says "there is no way I can meditate, my mind cannot stop for a second!"

I teach simple and achievable meditation techniques which include:

  • Observing the breath
  • Assist in observing the mind
  • Tools to work with and transform emotions and feelings
  • Supporting the body through either sitting or walking meditaton styles

We are a combination of mind, body and feelings/emotions. When we come into harmony with all aspects of ourselves, we experience calm and inner peace. When we are in conflict with ourselves, the inner struggle leads to outer struggles in our relationship, workplace and with near and dear ones. 

I look forward in sharing the goodness of grace of meditation with you, to serve your well-being both within yourself and within your world. 

Contact me to find out more, or to book a session. 

Free Weekly Meditation group

Monday 9.30 - 11am
65 Kaiwara St, Hoon Hay
Includes breathing meditations, and processes to you nurture your state of inner peace and calm