Reiki Trainings

2019 Reiki Training with Lisa Mills

Original Dr Usui Tradition of Healing

Reiki Training for Adults 

Reiki is a flow of Universal energy which accelerates your body’s natural capacity to heal on all levels of your being; physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

Reiki is useful for all health practitioners involved with the support of patients or clients within the physical and mental health care systems. It is non-invasive and can be given in a subtle and supportive way. Reiki brings peace and ease for both the client and the practitioner. It accelerates the healing process post operations, injury or trauma. 
Reiki is also useful for those who are simply interested in being able to heal themselves or offer healing and support for their family, friends, pets or plants.

Reserve your place for Reiki I, II or III trainings

Reiki I
Upon Request, 10am - 4.30pm

You will be initiated into Level I and have healing hands for life. Useful for health practitioners, Doctors, physiotherapists, masseurs, beauticians, healers and anyone interested in energy healing.

Reiki II

Upon Request, 10am - 4.30pm

You will be initiated into Level II and taught 3 symbols which:
Focus and intensify the Reiki energy
Enable you to send distant healing
Aid in treating ‘mental & emotional’ conditions

Reiki III

Upon Regquest, 10am - 4.30pm 

You will be initiated into Level III and taught two powerful symbols, which will deepen your capacity to heal and serve others. 
You will also be given more teachings and techniques to prepare you to confidently offer Reiki to clients, family members or friends

"My personal growth has substantially increased, including completing Level 1 + 2 Reiki courses under Lisa's expert guidance as a long time Reiki Master. Thank you so much Lisa - our chance meeting has enhanced my life on many levels." HJH

Contact Lisa to reserve your place in Level I, II or III trainings

Level I: $125
Level II: $150
Level III: $175

Special Offers: 
Reiki I & II: $250, Reiki II & III: $300, 
Reiki I, II and III: $400
10% discount for CSS holders, students, low income earners


Reiki Master/Teacher Training

Dates Upon Request

Consists of four workshop days, covering each Level. 

Would you like to teach Reiki to others and give them the gift of healing?
I am offering a special teacher training programme, designed for a maximum of 6 students. This will be a small personalised group to serve your learning and development. You will learn the Reiki teachings and initiation processes, plus develop the skills to confidently hold a group and facilitate the learning process for another.

Pre-requisite: you will need to have learnt Reiki I-III 
The Training includes:

  • Learning how to initiate a student for Levels I, II and III
  • Course material for each Reiki level
  • Course material on ‘How to run a Reiki group’
  • History of Reiki Booklet
  • Supervision for 6 months post qualifying to support your journey of being a confident and conscience Reiki Master/Teacher

Course Fee $1200 (payments can be made over the 4 months)
Receive 10% discount when paid at the start of the training

Lisa now to reserve your place in this special 
Reiki Master/Teacher Training Programme