Golden Touch - Self Acceptance and Care

Do you honestly accept all of yourself – your body, your habits, your personality?

Lack of self-acceptance causes great pain and suffering, as you literally push away aspects of yourself you don’t like…. now is the time to unpack negative thoughts and beliefs and live with greater self-love and compassion. 

  • Weed out self-rejecting thoughts so that your self-esteem and self-confidence blossoms
  • Become your own best friend and accept all of yourself; mind, body and soul
  • Feel empowered in your relationships, in the workplace, with family and friends
  • Learn the 'Golden Touch Being-With-What-Is 4 Step Process'

The inability for individuals to truly love and accept themselves is one of life’s most painful occurrences. This must change! The world, your world, will become a better place as you settle and soften into self-acceptance and love. Allow Lisa to walk beside you as you come into a loving, healthy relationship with yourself.

"Having been to a number of therapists in the past 20 years, I feel incredibly grateful to Lisa for experiencing for the first time a very real connection to my inner workings & that this has allowed me to uncover, embrace & ultimately transform my outdated beliefs, & to deepen my personal & spiritual journey significantly.
Lisa's approach is warm, welcoming, completely accepting & so refreshing, I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a way out of their emotional, mental or spiritual ruts, particularly if, like I had, you have lost faith that you could ever break free from your limiting beliefs, or truely feel & heal past hurts & regrets."
L.R. Health Professional

Imagine the peace and joy you will feel

when there is no more conflict within.