Golden Touch - Therapeutic Options

Golden Touch Special from 1st March - 18th April 

Book a FREE 1/2 hour consultation to discuss your needs. From there we can create a plan to suit your growth....whether it is a one off session or a block of 3, 7 or 10 sessions. 

You can choose from the following options to best serve your needs:

Creative Therapy

Creative therapy refers to a group of techniques that are expressive and creative in nature. The aim of creative therapies is to help clients find a form of expression beyond words or traditional therapy, such as cognitive based therapy or psychotherapy. It allows the client to work with metaphors or imagery to access their subconscious and address their psychological and emotional needs. By utilising your creativity you can access a deeper subconscious 'language' which can express how you feel.

You do not need to be an artist to engage in this therapeutic modality.

The benefits of creative therapy include fostering self-expression, enhancing coping skills, managing stress, and strengthening a sense of self. This translates into improved communication both within and towards oneself, and towards another.

Within a creative therapy session any of the following may be utilised:

  • Use of pastels or paint on paper- when you see how you feel through this expression, you gain greater insight and understanding towards who you truly are; consequently a sense of compassion and empathy is developed.
  • Use of objects (there is a large selection to choose from) - facilitates a dialogue between different aspects of yourself, or between yourself and 'another'. This way of working can be illuminating and rewarding, as you express your voice through the medium of an 'object'. 
  • Movement - When you engage with your body, feelings and emotions are given their natural freedom to be expressed. Lisa has experience in both teaching creative dance, and working with movement as a therapeutic tool. Lisa operates from an instinctive and intuitive place in response to the clients process. 

 'I experience it as unique because it is Lisa's singular gift as a wildly and magically talented movement healer'. Sarah Brown, Christchurch


Traditional ‘talk therapy’, where you both hear yourself and are heard by the practitioner, is essential in the process of discovering your inner feelings and thoughts. Healing occurs when you are deeply heard, received and responded to. Lisa creates a permissive and safe environment to express yourself.

"Having been to a number of therapists in the past 20 years, I feel incredibly grateful to Lisa for experiencing for the first time a very real connection to my inner workings & that this has allowed me to uncover, embrace & ultimately transform my outdated beliefs, & to deepen my personal & spiritual journey significantly.  Lisa's approach is warm, welcoming, completely accepting & so refreshing, I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a way out of their emotional, mental or spiritual ruts, particularly if, like I had, you have lost faith that you could ever break free from your limiting beliefs, or truely feel & heal past hurts & regrets." L.R. Health Professional

Spiritual Practitioner

When we can align to a 'greater energy' than our limited sense of self, we access a deeper wisdom and capacity to be with life's challenges - go to Aligning with the Essence of You to find out more. If you are drawn, we can weave this valuable thread into your therapeutic session; this will in turn enhance and accelerate your healing process in a profound way.